Sunday, October 12, 2008

Organizing The iPhone Pages

Not to get in to too many details, I just spent the better part of the afternoon playing with authorization issues in iTunes as I tried to migrate from my old laptop to the new desktop. I wound up needing to completely remove all the applications from the iPhone one by one and reinstalling them through iTunes. Anyway, they're all there now, and I added a bunch more. With the new additions, the iPhone needed a new organization system for the pages of icons. These screen grabs (hold the home button down and press the on/off switch to get the grabs, by the way) represent my new pages.

Page 1 is all communications. Instant messaging, SMS, my contacts, and some social media applications and bookmarks.

Page 2 is the media page. Music, videos, movies, television, and books.

Page 3 here is the sports, games and fun page.

Page 4 is the PDA page: productivity, notes, accounts, and personal data. I love that there's two pages of entertainment, music, media, and fun before the productivity. Gives you a pretty good sense of what I use my iPhone for, huh?

Page 5 is information: news, weather, stocks, rss feeds and all the location-based information apps.

Page 6 is mostly for the camera and picture-related stuff, but there's some utilities and other tools here. My feeling here is that this is the page I'll hardly ever use, but who knows.


  1. Hi Pete. I appreciate you sharing your iPhone layout. Good ideas.

    My first page is the default with a couple of additional apps I use everyday. Page 2 is Safari bookmark clippings. Page 3 & 4 are other apps in alphabetical order. Page 5 and 6 are fun/drawing apps in alphabetical order.

    I arranged it that way because my grandkids and I play games and draw with some fun apps. I wrote a fun story on my blog about how my "high-tech" grandbaby Isabella loves my iPhone.

  2. Hi Shayne, I read your story about Isabella, that's great -- I am absolutely going to try that slideshow technique.