Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Verily, You Are Now My Last.fm Friend

Seriously, my right arm hurts right now. I just went through my Friendfeed subscriptions, one-by-one, through the Friends tab, hovered over each of my subscriptions and if they had a last.fm feed included, I right-clicked, opened up their last.fm profile in a new tab, went through each of them, and requested friendships.

Why did I do this? Dunno, really, but it was the second time I've done it. It's made me realize, since it's the second time and all, that Friendfeed's Friend listing really needs to have some advanced sorting features. It was a pain to have to go through all 400+ of my subscriptions and try to remember if I had already friended these people in last.fm or not, so rather than try to figure it out, I just opened every one of them in a new tab in my browser. And now my forearm muscle hurts. I am such a weekling.

So, two three things have come out of this:

1) I am going to submit another request to the Friendfeed Feedback room. This time I'll see if they can't work on some extra sorting features for the Friend tab.

2) The algorithms on last.fm are all kinds of retarded. Because I like R.E.M. more than Cookie Monster likes chocolate chip cookies, nobody can ever be "super" compatible with me. Except Polly of course. The people who I thought were the most compatible with me turned out to be "medium", but in the end I just didn't care. I love to discover all kinds of music, and that's part of why there's over 800 bands in my library. More to come, I'm sure.

3) My pitifully weak arm makes me sad. I really need to start working out again. Just clicking a few hundred times, ok, maybe a thousand or so, shouldn't have caused any kind of strain, but there it is.

Now excuse me, while I go take some ibuprofin. Oh yeah, have I found a voice yet? Unlikely, but blogging about music, social media, and nonsense in general won't be too difficult for me, I guess. Go figure.


  1. Nice post. We are just medium per the LastFM logs. :( Music is the great equalizer. Time to pony up for I-Pod #2 as the first died.

  2. Good Post. I had a better comment but the stupid "human checker" denied me.

  3. Thanks, Mati! Including the new iPhone, I'm on iPod #4 now. But somewhere between then (iPod #1) and now, my desktop and laptop hard drives have crashed and I've lost data, so I'm slowly trying to rebuild.